Banana Berry

Banana Berry Chill-Out House
Metro Lifestyle Compound
Torres St., Davao City
If you want a place to hangout with yummy food, nice ambiance, approachable AND funny staff, and with WiFi connection, this is the place for you! Banana Berry is open 24 hours all week! I really like this place because it is outside the building. Yes, it’s obviously not air-conditioned but the place is very windy. However, when we went there, it’s a little more than’s SUPER windy! The napkins were flying and a chair got knocked down. Maybe what happened isn’t usual in the place because the staff was also surprised and hurriedly pulled down their ‘cover’.
One of the things I like best here is the pebbled-washed tables. I think it’s so unique. As an architecture student, I’m familiar with this kind of finish on floors and on walls, but tables? Creative!
Pebble-washed tables
Another thing is their amazing food. I’m a big-eater but I was full with just a serving of Birdman’s Meal, which has a large cut of fried chicken fillet, fries, and dips.
Birdman’s Meal
Chicken Fillet with Rice
Lastly, what I like in Banana Berry is their various drinks – smoothies, frappes, juices, blends, jellatos, everything! We had a hard time choosing because of the many options and finally we settled with these..


Too bad I forgot their names.. That white one is a butterscotch mix and the other is a jelly mocha thing. REALLY tastes good.
Such a great place to stay, I’m happy I went to this place. I think I’d be going back often. 🙂
Angel ♥

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