The Fun of Araw ng Dabaw

Davao City is enveloped with festive atmosphere every March 16th. This is because of the Araw ng Dabaw!

This morning, I spent time with my friends. We had lunch at Boyd’s Pizza and Pasta, where they offered unlimited pasta and pizza for the city’s holiday! As athletes, I bet we made the restaurant run out of food to serve! haha. :))


my ever beloved GoodTimes barkada

I spent most of the afternoon studying for my exam on the 17th. I know it’s sad and nerdy. Oh well, geeky me! 😉

Because it’s Araw ng Dabaw, celebrities visited our city, malls were full, and various competitions were held – Drag Race, Motocross, Off-Road, and the annual Mutya ng Dabaw.

My friends and I were privileged to watch the beauty pageant LIVE! There were long lines outside, willing to pay much for the ticket we held in our hands. 🙂



My friend, Karina, and I posing at the entrance

Watching the competition is worth it! The candidates are really beautiful and fun, especially in the casual interview. And of course, the celebrity hosts! :))

My friend, Jen, went gaga when Dingdong Dantes appeared on stage!


I spent the rest of the night with my family.

This is how you spend fun time with your friends, study for school, and bond with your family..all in one day. 🙂


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