Tie-Less Bun Tutorial

It’s finally summer. Days start to become warmer and hotter. These are the days when we really want our hair up to feel more air. Problem is, we haven;t brought our hair ties! What to do?? Not to worry because I will share to you how to put your hair up using nothing but YOUR HAIR! 🙂

First, twist your hair until you come up with a bun then hold it in place, at the center of your head (or wherever you want it to stay). Then grab the hair on the upper right part, the strands that are tight from all the pulling, and then use it to ‘envelope’ bun. It may hurt but it would be worth it. 😉

When you’re done, it must look like this..




Voila! Enjoy your hairtie-free updo this summer! 🙂

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