Happy New Year

Let us all thank God for giving us another year to live..

Do things right. Be grateful for the simplest things. Apologize for the smallest mistakes. Don’t do them again. Value life. Eat right. Get enough sleep. Value not just your loved ones but everyone. Greet everyone you meet. Always smile. Try something new. Take the risk of loving. Don’t cram for requirements. Be punctual. Make a new friend. Join a club. Try to be better. Practice. Read a lot. Practice more. Read more. Recite in class. Be closer to God. Pray a lot. Never miss a Sunday mass. Make a difference. Segregate your trash. Follow rules. Stop bullying. Prove yourself. Excel in class. Improve your skills. Learn new things. Discover the unknown. Master something.

This year we have to be better, if not best. Start the change now.


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